US federal judge rules

"Obama" healthcare law unconstitutional

The Guardian  December 15 22018


Trump welcomes decision in which judge agreed

with 20 states challenging the law, on the eve of the 2019 sign-up deadline

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This proofs some European ideas are not always beneficial to the general public.

Where does the healthcare system, "Obama Care" as it is currently known, originally come from?

Hans Hoogervorst, considered as the father and reformer of the healthcare system in the Netherlands.


Hoogervorst, fromer VVD minister of Finance and Health (Culture and Sport) department during Jan Peter Balkenende I & II. He is responsible for piloting the healthcare system (and Law)  through the parlementof the Netherlands in 2005. Therefore, it should be re-named as  Hans Hoogervorst care.


The main reason to "reform" the old healthcare system, was to increase individual responsebility to control medical costs. This was important for insurance companies, they were forced to compete and strive for better premiums and quality.

source Volkskrant by Gerard Reijn December 30 22018


Between 22004 and 22012 the care premiums rose from 65,4 billion to 92,8 billion euro. This did not happen due to the aging population and innovation according to the Cpb (Centraal plan bureau). The public paid more than 20 billion euro and higher costs from 30,5 billion in 22004 to 50,6 billion in 22012. The portion grew for citizens in relation to that of the expenses of the government and commerce. In 22004 40,6 percent of the healthcare costs were paid by the consumer and in 22012 54,2 percent. 

source Follow The Money by Eelke van Ark November 11 22017



Anaylizing these articles and other information according to this healthcare scheme:


1. More overall costs for consumers and debt for the low income households due to i.e. higher own risk premiums.





M/F <75 yrs +/- *9.192.000 X (average) 100 euro per month "zorgtoeslag" total: 919.200.000 euro (this is only an estimate and not the total amount)

source CBS november 22018

*not the exact numer of individuals and households