Last week I was reading an article about a young girl who was found dead in Teteringen, the Netherlands near a childrens home Maria Raboni.

I was placed there in 1987 by Willem Tak

At 26:07 (video) the girl, Noemi, in the video talks about her father and the abuse which was done on to children. Noemi's father knew Marc Dutroux at 40:33 (video).

She describes the following: 'cigarettes stubbed out on her body and then cut off her hair' 

Same thing happened to the girl found in Teteringen en a similar case of a girl found in Frankfurt.

Saint Victor was the place where it all happened.

There are three places Saint Victor, one in the Dordogne , in the Ardèche. and Allier.

Ghislaine Maxwell's mother comes from the Dordogne.

Someone I know, has a link to the Dordogne. Lydia and Thijs Mennes they rent out holiday homes FRANCEVILLA.

Lydia Mennes her brother, René Rommens, was the area in August 2017, where Maëlys de Araujo was kidnapped.

Lydia Mennes and her brother René Rommens are from the province of Noord Brabant.



Marc Dutroux

Dutroux Genealogy:

Van Lerberghe genealogy:

Van Lerberghe genealogy link CLIGNET > Family Marion Clignet

Arnold Clignet married Catharina De Ligne on May 15 1650 in Maastricht. His 2nd marriage.

His first marriage with Braun >  Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler's wife, is not related to Anna Braun born ca. 1620.

De Ligne > Van Lerberghe genealogy

Stasse > Van Lerberghe, Ro(o)vers, Ronnen link RONGEN genealogy

Catharina de Ligne 1623 > LUSER STASSE genealogie

Quist > genealogie Attie de Jonge van de Vrie > LUTEIJN > Middelburg, NL >

These Clignet's from Limburg, NL are not related to the de Stembert family. I can not find a link to my family through Clignet/Clignett. Perhaps they are related to the Clignez/Clignet family who live in Wallonia, BE.