The IRS in the Netherlands traced a movement in the province of Zeeland in the NL whose members sexually abuse children.

That movement has been around for a long time. Real child predator(s) will go far to be around children or will lie and deceive to take children away from their parent(s). Single mothers are usually easy prey.

This is an interview of a father who was falsly accused of being a satanic cult pedophile ring leader.

In 2019 after my, then 9 year, old daughter had watched porn when she was staying in Ithaka (now Kind & Jeugd) of EMERGIS. I was stalked by a few people on Facebook  between February and August 2019. I was accused of a similar thing. One of the stalkers is my half sister Carol Lynn Haltiner aka Lynn O'Sullivan aka Carol Lynn of Ireland. My half sister is married to Conner O'Sullivan from Ireland. Michelle Sol "familymanager" of Stichting Intervence claimed my daughter had told her, that she and I watched porn together. During a visit with my daughter on May 28 2019, I had asked my daughter if she had told Michelle Sol that. My daughter had not told Michelle Sol that. Even foster parents had claimed my daughter told them things, which was impossible for her to know. One foster parent claimed my daughter told her I meditate when I can not sleep. I have not ever meditaded when I can not sleep and when my daughter was still at home, I did not have sleeping problems. My sleeping problems started when my daughter was kidnapped.

Youth professional register

On February 29 2020 I was arrested, because Antoine (Toine) van Pamelen Team managerStichting Intervence had pressed charges against me. I was i.e. "violating" my daughters "PRIVACY" on internet. When a situation occurs like this under the care of a parent/parents, the parent/parents are arrested, questioned etc. Toine van Pamelen clearly comes from Zeeuws Vlaanderen or has a link with Zeeuws Vlaanderen. The Reuzenhoek is situated between TERNEUZEN and ZAAMSLAG. Which explains that

Gerda Scheele ( was appointed by Stichting Intervence. Michelle Sol told me that Gerda Scheele was the best person to guide the visitations with my daughter after I asked if there weren't any orthopedagogues who could.

This is an email I send to Jan Dirk van der Ploeg. He was the promoter of Kees van der Wolf. Kees van der Wolf died november 9 2014 in Curaçao, just a few days after he started at the University of Curaçao.

Dear Mr van der Ploeg,

Via the wiki page of Kees van der Wolf that you were one of his promoters. The reason I am contacting you is that I have read your CV and I am furious knowing that you have been involved in several "researches" and Youth Services since 1975.

Quite recently I was recognized as a victim of violent crimes within the youth care sector.

Of course I'm currently screening you and through a European Association on Residential and Foster Care co-founder, Mr. W. Hellinckx, found a link to the genealogy of the van Lerberghe family. Which is not a good sign, because the van Lerberghe family is a family of Dutroux and especially Marc Dutroux. I don't need to tell you, hopefully, who that is. You can read more on my website.

Your connection with Mr. W. Hellinckx does explain specific indicents that happen and have happened in, among other things, youth care and education. The truth is finally coming to light and I retrospectively hold you responsible for much of the suffering of families and especially their children.

I personally challenge you to debunk me. You may only stay within your own specialization and not receive help from third parties.

My goal is for you to openly pillory and for you, and many others, to lose your qualifications, if only for Kees van der Wolf, who I refuse to believe drowned in 2014. The motive to get rid of him is clear to me.


Jennifer A. Clignett

Jan Dirk van der Ploeg co-founders of European Association on Residential and Foster Care, Walter Hellinckx

Halle, Gelderland, NL. > A lot of Belgians fled to the Netherlands during WWI and were sheltered at Vluchtoord Nunspeet > Van Vloten family > Het Ronde Huis Nunspeet. Was a house where jong girls were raped by the elite. These "elite" could become members of the van Vloten family. In return the members received protection and a good career.

So two very important facts: 1. the members received protection 2. help with their career.

Robine Clignett

Tjolien Clignett

Tjolien A. Clignett talks about her mothers family. Tjolien was not raised by her father.

At 26:07 (video) the girl, Noemi, in the video talks about her father and the abuse which was done on to children. Noemi's father knew Marc Dutroux at 40:33 (video).

She describes the following: 'cigarettes stubbed out on her body and then cut off her hair' 

Same thing happened to the girl found in Teteringen en a similar case of a girl found in Frankfurt.

Saint Victor was the place where it all happened.

There are three places Saint Victor, one in the Dordogne , in the Ardèche. and Allier.

Ghislaine Maxwell's mother comes from the Dordogne.

Someone I know, has a link to the Dordogne. Lydia and Thijs Mennes they rent out holiday homes FRANCEVILLA.

Lydia Mennes her brother, René Rommens, was the area in August 2017, where Maëlys de Araujo was kidnapped.

Lydia Mennes and her brother René Rommens are from the province of Noord Brabant.



This girl was found in Teteringen near by Maria Raboni on Christmas day 1990.


Article Algemeen Dagblad December 29 2020

Femke Fataal artikel

Last week I was reading an article about a young girl who was found dead in Teteringen, the Netherlands near a childrens home Maria Raboni.

I was placed in Maria Raboni in 1987/88 by Willem Tak "Jeugd en Gezin" until I ran away a few months later. I was there with 1 Moroccan girl & 1 Turkish girl. It was around Ramadan. The Turkish girl was fasting during the day and was allowed to eat at night until sunrise. 

Not long after I ran away, I had seen a newspaper article that the Moroccan girl I was staying with in Maria Raboni was missing. 

More on the girl of Teteringen article

Another connection to Marc Dutroux is Casper FLIER. 

Casper FLIER was born in HILVERSUM. Read article Here.

My half sister is related to DUTROUX in France. Perhaps Marc Dutroux has French ancestry?

Marie Charlotte DUTROUX is genealogical linked to Pierre HERON married to Cécile DUPONT. 

Pièrre HERON's ancestors are Jan Janz VAN HOORN & Simon Claesz VAN HOORN.

Dick (Christiaan) VAN HOORN worked with Kitty Joy Clignett in i.e. Belgium cleaning cars. This was before Kitty Joy Clignett was lured in to prostitution by Carol Lynn Haltiner. Dick VAN HOORN had a relationship with Monie. Monie lives in Oost Souburg. Monie is Albanian, if I am not mistaken. Dick VAN HOORN has a friend who lives in MOROCCO. Oost Souburg is part of Vlissingen, NL.

Vlissingen, NL is twinned with

1. Ambon (Indonesia)

2. Govan Mbeki (Highveld East) (South Africa)

3. Taganrog (Russia)

TOUBA is the Moroccan mosque in Vlissingen, NL founded late 1970's. 

Marc Dutroux

Dutroux Genealogy:

Van Lerberghe genealogy:

Van Lerberghe genealogy link CLIGNET > Family Marion Clignet

Marion Clignet's ancestors have connections to the order which Napoleon Bonaparte founded!!!!

Marion Clignet is NOT related to my family.

Arnold Clignet (my ancestor) married Catharina De Ligne on May 15 1650 in Maastricht. His 2nd marriage.

Arnold Clignet first marriage with BraunEva Braun, Adolf Hitler's wife, is NOT related to Anna Braun born ca. 1620.

De Ligne > Van Lerberghe genealogy

Stasse > Van Lerberghe, Ro(o)vers, Ronnen link RONGEN genealogy

Catharina de Ligne 1623 > LUSER STASSE genealogie

Quist > genealogie Attie de Jonge van de Vrie (mother of my ex husband Frederik (Erik) de Jonge) > LUTEIJN > Middelburg, NL >

These Clignet's from Limburg, NL are NOT related to the de Stembert family (my family's original name). I can not find a link to my family through Clignet/Clignett. Perhaps they are related to the Clignez/Clignet family who currently live in Wallonia, BE.